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Name: Chad Ford

Date: May 19, 2009

Location: Choctaw County, Alabama

Message: May 19 at 9;32 P.M. I and my family witnessed a flaming V shaped object in the south, it just sat their for a min. cause I told my wife it was a planet brightened by the sun on the other side of the planet. Then it began to move in our direction darting from side to side,with no blinking lights. As it reached a point nearly over us I noticed a fighter jet trying to close in on it.

When the jet got within I guess to be 1/2 mile, the object left it sitting still. I could hear the jet, it was outrunning the sound barrier by at least 5 miles, the flaming V made no sound. Within the next 15 min. I counted 9 fighter jets and 1 High alt. helo. in pursuit. I am prior mil. and know my aircraft and we live in choctaw county AL….Chad/respond please/maybe aircraft logs

2 thoughts on “Choctaw County, Alabama, USA; May 19, 2009

  1. Seth Osborne says:

    Henry County, Alabama in between Headland, Al – Columbia, Al. Seen between 9:30-9:45pm Central Time

    My mother and I were out side walking the dog and noticed 3 Red Flaming orbs in the sky. After viewing them for 5 seconds they dimmed out. Minutes later they reappeared in a different formation and just sat there for another 4-5 seconds and dimmed. We also noticed fighter jets approaching the objects.

    Im not good with distance but I’d say, once the jets were within 25miles of the last seen location of the 3 orbs…6 orbs appeared in a circluar formation and darted off to the south towards Florida at an air speed I can not calculate. They fanished within seconds….so really really fast.

    I have never seen anything like this in my life nor have I ever investigated or had to share such an event. Crazy we are on the other side of Alabama and witnessed what sounds like almost the same thing. I just googled Alabama ufo 2009 and found your post. This is truly amazing and WOW! That’s all I can say.


  2. philip says:

    I also had an experience close to that but there were no jets involved . this was in canada in 1994 late summer and I was woken up by “someone ” walking outside my window (w hich was open – it being summer)and I had the sensation of it being some being that need not worry about being shot as it would not harm them ( this feeling came right after me wondering whether I should get my gun) It walked around my house  3 times ( weird) and then it was quiet. So now the sighting … the next night I was walking towards my fathers house and about 500 to 700 feet in the air and about half mile ( country mile; unobscured by trees or hills or hot air balloons or cloud formations or test flights of space or weather sateliites or normal bursts of  fire which erupt randomly in the sky due to weather and temperature fluctuations) I saw three large orange “flame  orbs following each other about 100 feet apart and from the Northeast to about the beginning of the southeast like 35  to 40 degrees from straight east. then  one dipped down a bit then streaked upwards and disappeared and the other two seemed to hang there then jut vanished.
    So here is what I think these beings are living here and are mining and using us to mine resources ( what else are they going to trade if they don’t build buildings here and you don’t see them pay taxes?
    they have been coming and going for at least 15000 years and we are like so simple compared to them but as we evolve they are more careful in how they get around — they are visible , fine but have you seen any looking for a jug of gas from the neighbors recently?plus with the government protecting the rich and leaving the billionaires alone while millions of americans are living on the street or in their cars or in yours?So when they need to take something they just do even though they are not always ” harming us ” our reaction to being abducted is like your cat going to the vet and does the cat really know what you are about to do to it? well same thing here as well as the probability that maybe they abduct certain people for genetic research and they are trying to weed out genetic mutations that could evolve monsters like your run of the mill variety political beast who thinks they are going to be all powerful and change the world  at the expense of millions of people who get suckered in by the propaganda about patriotism and such while they have mansions and bunkers all paid for by your son or daughters’ intended education money which you tried to save for but never could get quite to the amount for the right  school.!Well no matter what can you do ? you can open your eyes and see that the system is in serious decline and all those responsible ( the rich and the politician puppets) world wide should be put in hard labor camps and the government for the people should be run by an interconnected society of the general public with referendums on national issues like world war risks and choices and  as well by a group of social scientists who actually  care about the poor and underfed. if such a thing exists! hey maybe the aliens are here just for that ?? rather than believing the  Cr*p about them being a security risk  whose security ? ours or the status Quo of super greedy super rich and their political puppets who live high off the backs of the working poor. This BS they  feed us about everyman for himself and if you are meant to get there you will should be repalced by ” it is illegal and a genocide level crime for those in power to leave anyone without food and free fresh water and proper shelter. the excuses have gone on long enough there is billions upon billions of dollars wasted while the nations rot from within.; Aliens are not the threat the freaking governments are lying to all. Give the Aliens a chance to govern if they fail  to improve itr will show very soon and it couldn’t be much worse than the despair many live under and have lived under for centuries — hoping the government will be there  for them how naive are they –??


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