Choctaw County, Alabama, USA; May 19, 2009

Name: Chad Ford

Date: May 19, 2009

Location: Choctaw County, Alabama

Message: May 19 at 9;32 P.M. I and my family witnessed a flaming V shaped object in the south, it just sat their for a min. cause I told my wife it was a planet brightened by the sun on the other side of the planet. Then it began to move in our direction darting from side to side,with no blinking lights. As it reached a point nearly over us I noticed a fighter jet trying to close in on it.

When the jet got within I guess to be 1/2 mile, the object left it sitting still. I could hear the jet, it was outrunning the sound barrier by at least 5 miles, the flaming V made no sound. Within the next 15 min. I counted 9 fighter jets and 1 High alt. helo. in pursuit. I am prior mil. and know my aircraft and we live in choctaw county AL….Chad/respond please/maybe aircraft logs