Owings Mills/Reisterstown, Maryland, USA; 1975

Name: Andrew Neal

Date of Event: need help?? ..same experience 30+ yrs. ago as a recent post. would love to get in touch with them or visa versa. Below is more detail and my contact info. I did post a reply this evening, 6-10-2008.

Location of Event: Owings Mills/Reisterstown Maryland

Webmaster Note: This post is a couple messages sent by one individual that I glued together. Along with a quoted posting, that relates to this person’s sighting. Different time frame, same area, same type of sighting. He would like to be contacted by people with additional info relating to this. So I have included an email address he has requested info to be sent to. So, good luck Andrew. I hope this helps.

Message: Lou,

Can you help put me in touch with the below or pass along my email?? Believe this area may have reoccurring UFO visits on a large scale. Seems like the same exact thing we witnessed in 1975. Same location, same direction, 100’s of crafts, silent, clearly visible, some solo some in uniform clusters over 30 minutes or so.

Gotta get in touch so I can figure out exactly what and where they saw & if it was another event from the same crafts we saw 30+ yrs ago.

Thanks Lou. Never thought I’d run into others that saw this in the same area. I had a dream the other night about it and decided to go online and do some searching. Got the chills now.

The other folks account was nearly identical, some 30+ yrs later. I’m temped to try and get a camera over in that area facing the sky. If this is happening on a regular basis, which it appears may be the case, to see 100’s of globe or halo style orbs in a 30 minutes period, would be some of the best footage to date. What we saw back then was tons of these things, some solo some in symmetrical groups. Maybe this area of Maryland is a gateway to where these craft enter or leave earths’ atmosphere. It’s occurred at least 2x from my account and the other folks account. My guess many other times.

Someone should get a camera out there.


UFO Sighting: Owings Mills, Maryland; January 1, 2008


Date of Event: 10pm, January 1, 2008

Location of Event: Owings Mills, Maryland

Message: Did anyone else observe the hundreds of flying objects over Maryland on January 1, 2008, around 10pm? My wife and I were in our hot tub. I looked up and saw what I thought was a satellite, but I then noticed there were many more. We were in the tub for 20-30 minutes and a continuous stream of objects moved from about southeast to northwest the entire time we were outside. All of the objects moved at the same speed, but because they had different light intensities I assume they were at differing altitudes. Some moved in a perfect line of three in a perfectly spaced row, so there is no way they were a natural occurrence. We heard no sound from them, and they all had continuous light intensity (non-blinking).

A commuter jet passed overhead during this period, and it was obvious by the flashing lights and sound that that one object was a jet.


  1. I grew up in Reisterstown.  It was 1975 when a huge sighting occurred.  We were eating dinner and the flashing light were so bright that we got up from the table and ran outside.  We lived in a cemetary, which also had another cemetary next to it.  Each has lots of open space.  We ran to the tree line that separated the two.  There was a HUGE UFO that had flashing red and white lights.  We were so close we were almost under it.  I was about 50 in the air hovering.  In a flash it was gone.  We ran inside and called everyone we knew.  My Aunt called the media.  In the mean time there were cops and fire trucks  repsonding.  They had seen it too.  The explanation was that it was experimental aircraft being tested by the government.  I was four at the time, and it was so tremendous, I remember it as if it was yesterday.  My Mom can provide even more details.  I plan to have her respond as well.


  2. yes , in may i think 1975 i was 15 sitting on a grassy hill neer rosewood mental hospital , and im pretty sharp , i fly , i know alot about planes and jets and weather baloons . but i saw 2 bright lights buzz over my head , and the 2 ships started zig zaging as they made a 45 degree climb , to this day , i have never seen any thing in the air that made zig zags that sharp , and at that speed , im guessing the zig zags were to deter our radar systems . the next day i heard 1000 people saw a ufo at rosewood hospital , but i know it was not any thing that ive ever seen again , and i look …….yes there is other beings out there


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