Jackson, Kentucky, USA; July, 1998

Name: Hanley

Date of Event: Around the end of July 1998, and about 9 months ago.

Location of Event: Breathitt County, Jackson, KY. USA

Message: Hello Louis,

Hope you are well, I don’t get online a whole lot. But figured I would write back to describe the event that I first wrote to you about and a few more that have happened since. The night that changed my life was on top of me before I had a chance to know it was there. I had been way back in a hollar near my house at a over-hang cave where I commonly had dug up tree and plant fossils. As the sun went down over the mountain dark was coming pretty soon. And without a flash light and being mostly cloudy I wanted to get down at least to the fields at the bottom before it was pitch black. I made my way down the steep slopes about 3/4 of mile just fine w/ no indication of anything wrong. At that time it was almost all the way dark.

Which dark comes around here about 9:30pm to :45 after. I came through the clearing at the bottom, past a pine thicket where the gardens and fields are finally visible. As I kept walking down I saw light on the ground. It was faint at first shining through the white pine trees, and I didn’t turn around because I thought it was the moonlight for a few seconds as I walked. The light became bright seconds later and I turned and looked up and there it was right on top of me. It was long 150-200ft. length rectangle shape, not very wide 15-25ft. It had ten lights on it, 3 down each side, 2 on each end at out tilted angles. Both ends looked the same. The light came from round type housing but you could not see any lighting element just looked like white smoked glass over housing. It was metallic looking flat bottom w/ line like joints and slightly angles sides going up where the lights where at.

There was no sound but a weird feeling all around and inside me. I was paralyzed in fear as it sat right over top of me, nearly touching the tree tops. The ground and everything around was very bright. As what I thought was the end or rear slowly past over me I took off running toward the main house barely looking back, as the light faded some from behind me. I ran what I thought was about 400ft. And all at once I was stopped facing back in its direction, just watching. I was calm and not out breath for what seemed like a few seconds.

It had began moving back in the same direction it came from without turning just moving back in a straight line. At that time I realized I should be running to the house to get my father. As I reached the front porch I looked back and one end was barely still visable over the hill. I ran through the door, my dad in his underwear sitting in his recliner. I dragged him by the arm screaming for him to hurry out to see it. By the time he was out there it was gone over the mountain. He told me to watch for it and to wake him and mom up if I saw it again. I sat out on a rock bench by the driveway until 6:30am watching all night till daylight but never saw it again.

Although in the years since then I have experienced other strange things. Small orangish color lights back up on the mountain all scattered out. I only saw one at first as it floated around the pond through the trees closer towards me, about 4ft. off the ground but moving slightly up and down as it came. It came real close about 50ft. away. It seemed to be a brighter orange in the middle barely fluctuating. I stood very still and it began to travel back up in the hollar. When it became several hundred ft. up in the tree line I noticed another one on the other side of the mountain to the right of the pond.

As they moved back there was 5 then 10 till there must have been 20 of them. They came slowly together in a tight cluster until they looked as one light. At that same instant it flickered and disappeared. At that exact moment when they disappeared a big snap let out and something was running down the hillside towards me w/ great force and noise it was breaking down what sounded like small trees. I ran down the pond dam and into my big garage knowing that something was right behind me.

I locked the doors, ran up stairs and sat shaking w/ a 40.cal pistol, and Mak.991 assault rifle all night thinking whatever it was would break on in. I don’t know what it was. This happened about 9 months ago in October it was cold that night.

I hope this is not too much to write. But it is all true and I would not make up such wild things. I will write back with pics of rock structures and tell about the strange vibrating, pulsing,t humping, noise that can heard and felt through larger rocks all over this area. I have some good digital cameras now and some sound recorders, and I’m on the lookout.

Will write back soon,
Thanks, Sincerely, Hanley, in Breathitt Co. K.Y.

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