Long Lake near Hale, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Blair

Date: July 4, 2008

Location: Long Lake near Hale Michigan

Message: Several of us witnessed the same objects on Long Lake near Hale Michigan. First time there was 4 of us watching the fireworks from a pontoon boat on the 4th. At first glance I thought it was a piece of firework floating across the sky (it looked like a glowing ember) but quickly realized it was something flying overhead.

There were 2 objects that night. The next night there was 7 of us and we and again 2 red-orange balls of light flew over us again. Both nights the lights were traveling from south to north and about 10:30 to 11:00 pm. On Saturday night we saw a possible 3rd object later in the far west sky.

Our group opinion was that these were far faster than a regular aircraft and the the whole object was emitting light. We watched them approach, overhead and going away but the light and shape never changed. Reading your posts above it seems these objects were all over lower Michigan about the same time. Guess they were just checking out the fireworks displays. It was really exciting to see these.

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