Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA; October 25, 1975

Name: Anonymous

Date: October 25, 1975

Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

Message: i witnessed a UFO event Oct 25th 1975 we saw 3 ufos they hovered for a few minutes and headed north we got in the car and followed them to oil city there we followed the police cars to a cemetery behind oil city high school there were 50 or 60 people they there are news paper articles on this in the oil city library on micro film the news paper is called the derrick the date is October 25th 1975 this really happened there has to be police reports of it also

4 thoughts on “Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA; October 25, 1975

  1. connie myers

    Name: connie myers

    Date of Sighting: 1975

    Location of Sighting: oil city,pa

    Further Description of Sighting: this is true. my aunt and uncle got a picture of it in 1975 behind the high school by the catholic cemetery.


  2. Anonymous

    I originally posted this report and have been trying for years to get more info on this sighting and would very much like to see any photos of this event


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