North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; September 7, 2008

Name: mike

Date: September 07 to 14, 2008

Location: North Myrtle Beach

Message: I too seen those lights in the sky i stayed at North Myrtle Beach around sept7 to the 14th but only saw them 1 night lasted for about 30 mins me and my whole family saw them mostly 1 at a time but did see 2 light at same time we have it on are camrecorder orange lights very weird i thought too.

2 thoughts on “North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; September 7, 2008

  1. phillip

    I believe I just saw my first ufo sighting. I live in myrtle beach and was just on my way back home when I saw what I believed to be a plane and the closer I got the cars on 17 bypass here in myrtle were starting to slow down around the little pigs bbq rest. here and I looked up and there it was just hovering over us. Not moving, couldn’t hear any engine noise. It looked to have 2 bright lights on the left and right. Did not look like a disc shape as I usually hear people talk about, but I can’t think of a plane that can sit still and not move at all and it was very bright. I was underneath it looking straight up and it was just still no movement. I have never seen a ufo or anything in the air that just sits still and is that big.I went to the next exit and turned around and it was gone. Can’t explain what I saw but thought I would put this out here hopeing someone else might have seen it as well.


    1. Anonymous

      Hi, yes Sr. At time you in everyone else were taken, adored soon ass that light hit you ,,,check your body,neck ,back, ,,don’t panic ok you just been chosen to have ride when world destruction then we shell return back home,,so make peace with God your self in not sin or hate,A Men


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