Bardstown, Kentucky, USA; 1975

Name: Robin Thaxton

Date: 1975

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

Message: I was a small child at the time that this sighting happened but it is true I lived in Bardstown on Barberrry Lane and woke one night and over my best friends Cindy’s house there was a craft hovering. I was so scared I got back in bed, i know they were watching me.

My parents thought I was just being a child, but last year I looked up sightings in Kentucky for 1975 and on and here it is OMG they and my hubby believe me now. We live in Oklahoma and really not much happens here.

I belong to a ghost hunting group and it has proved to be great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you guys are here, after 30 years of talking i am finally believed in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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