Apollo Command Module, Space; Reported: February 3, 2008

Name: Mike Cuthbertson

Date of Event: see below

Location of Event: see below

Message: Hello, My name is Mike Cuthbertson. I recently retired from the Ca. dept of Corrections after 16 years. I live in the town of Gasquet in Northern Ca. Around the year 1987 I worked for a post production company called Foto Tronics/Foto Kem in Burbank Ca.

I ran a CCD machine where we transfered film to video for clients. A gentleman came in with a box of film, I believe 16mm. The film was labeled with the NASA logo. I transfered a roll to video for him that was footage taken from the window of one of the later Apollo flights, from the command module in orbit around the moon.

It was not faked or special effects. It was real footage of a disc shaped object that came up the left side of the command module, paced it for probably 30 secs then moved off slowly to the left of the windows view, gradually going out of view.

It was very clear and steady footage with the lunar landscape below it. The object looked to be only a few hundred feet from the command module and maybe 30 ft across, but scale was hard to know. It wasn’t right next to the CM and wasn’t a real small object.

I was not allowed to copy this, believe me I would have if I could have. I don’t remember the mans name or the mission of the flight. I don’t even remember how many there were, but 17 seems to stick in my mind. I always expected to see this someday on television, but to date have never seen it or heard of its existence. Have you ever seen or heard of this film? thanks

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