Woodlawn, Arkansas, USA; Reported: October 30, 2008

Name: derrick cotton

Date of Event: every week end

Location of Event: woodlawn, arkansas — united states

Message: one week end me and a few friends decided we wanted to start hanging out outside around the bon fire. well in wood lawn if its a clear sky u can see 40 or more shooting stars a night. we was watching the stars and then we all seen a strobing light it would flash bright reds, blues, greens, yellows and other colors. it had a very odd flight pattern. no plane could manuever like this.

not even the militaries harpy even the lockheed X-35 that hovers and takes off straight in to the air.this craft we saw was moving left to right up and down with dead stops it would vanish and reappear sometimes you can see three or four at a time. brandon (neighbor) said he woke up one night and walked out the front door and the clear cut in front of his house he said there was a ufo floating in the field a matter of feet above the ground so he ran in the house woke his uncle up and got his I-beam and started flashing it at the craft and he said it started to hover closer to him so him and his uncle ran in the house with terror. i was wondering who could i contact to come and see this for themselves i dont have a video camera so i cant tape these occurances.

iwant a proffesional to come and see what these crafts are sometimes they dip down over the patch of cane growing in the back yard and wait a few minutes and then they come back out so i know its no star. ive never seen more activity than in woodlawn e- mail me let me know what i can do to get some one to come check this out.

thanks derrick