Quartzsite, Arizona, USA; Reported: December 30, 2008

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: If you know it, or your best estimate.

Location of Event: paloma mtns near quartzsite AZ.

Message: often the people in this area see yellow lights in the skys over the paloma mts. and othe areas around here.
they are known to residences here as the “BOUSE LIGHTS “and said have been seen for about 400 years.
i cannot find anything on the internet about them.

can you tell me if any others have reported sightings from here? i have another sighting to tell you about later, i dont talk about it much–people think im nuts. thank you for taking your time to answer.

3 thoughts on “Quartzsite, Arizona, USA; Reported: December 30, 2008

    1. For six months my team and I were mining near Bouse., AZ. For five nights each week from M-F of each week between 8p and approximately 8:40p each night these orange/amber lights would appear just east of Abex Peak. The lights would miraculously appear, separate into integrate formations and then occasionally recombine and dramatically have and then change positions. We have video of the anomalies as they become quite predictable over the weeks we observed them. The lights were extraordinary and not easily explained by any of the group of 8 of us that observed them. I can be contacted by private email or here.


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