Westminster, Maryland, USA; October 16, 2008

Name: Mike

Date of Event: October 16th, 6:30PM

Location of Event: Westminster, MD

Message: I was driving on MD-97 leaving Westminster going west towards Eldersburg. As I was coming towards the intersection at MD-32, I saw what I believe was 2 objects to my left (south). Both had 3 solid lights that were displayed in a straight line. I’m color blind, so I don’t know what color the lights were, but they were all the same size and were not blinking or flashing. One of the objects looked like it was hovering.

The second looked like it was coming from left to right at an angle that would have brought it in front the other one, the lights were roughly at a 45 degree angle and were slowly leveling-out to a horizontal angle. My window was down and I didn’t hear any sound except for the passing traffic. My immediate thought was they were gliders because they weren’t moving very fast, if at all, and I couldn’t hear any sound from them.

Then I realized, they couldn’t have been more than 500 ft. off the ground and I don’t know of any airport or landing area nearby that they would be able to reach without power. They were large, I would estimate about 150 ft across. There is a small airport in Westminster, but they had to be at least 5-7 miles away from it.

I couldn’t see any outline, just the lights. As I glanced back at the road, to make sure I was staying in my lane as I drove through the intersection, I must have passed the objects. I pulled-over to the shoulder, about 100 yards past the MD-32 intersection to get a better look. When I turned around to look, the objects were gone. I was surprised that I didn’t hear or see anything on the local news, since there was traffic going in both directions which would have meant there were plenty of witnesses.

2 thoughts on “Westminster, Maryland, USA; October 16, 2008

  1. jackie

    This is really interesting. About 4 months ago 3 other people and i were driving in a car on a back road near 31 in westminster. We all saw something in above a field. It wasn’t very high off of the ground and it seemed to just float there. It had four horizintal bright wight lites. the only thing you could see were lights. it didn’t make noise, but we might have been to far off. it didnt blink either nor did it seem to get closer or farther. after about 10 minutes of watching it the thing began to slowly move sideways. we tried to drive and get closer to it but it was no where to be found. we ended up going back to where we originally saw it but it was gone. it sounds kind of similar to your story.


  2. Dan

    April 9th, 2009 Im hungry and there is no food in the house. Its around 8pm at night as I head out for the store. Its chilly and the leaves have yet to show themselves. Im driving down the road headed for the T intersection I need to make a right on to get to the store. Down the road from our farm is another farm on the opposite side of the road which was purchased by one of Mr. C`s son`s, the one who works the farm with him.

    This farm is another 100 acres and where I find myself driving by when I see in the distance two sets of 4 very bright white lights. They are above the tree and hill line, one set of four parallel to the ground and equidistant from each other. The second set seemed to be set at a forty five degree angle, to the right (as I was looking at them) and behind the first set.

    I immediately slow down and ask myself, whats this? They must be working on the farm, perhaps tearing it down but at this time of night? Well, why else would they be suspending lights above the farm. The farm was located on the corner of the T intersection where I had to make a right to get to the store.

    I continued on, my heart beginning to beat rapidly, sweat beading on my forehead. There is a junk yard on the left hand side, after the farm, amongst many trees. Its a sad sight, the owner having married one of Mr. C`s daughters. For a short distance, there are a few trees on the opposite side of the junk yard that extends to the right I need to make and which I saw the lights above.

    As I pull onto this right, looking at the lights I begin to realize these were not suspended lights and the farm was not being worked on. I think to myself, what are the odds that someone like me would have a second sighting in their life. Little did I know.

    The farm house on my left now was completely dark. These lights were just hovering over head, this farm too has cows. I debated, go knock on the door of the house in case someone was home to see if they saw what I was seeing? As I gave this consideration, headlights from another car appeared, in the opposite direction coming towards me.

    I decided to turn into the house and knock on that door. Most likely the biggest mistake Ive ever made…

    As I made the turn into the driveway, the lights moved towards me, slowly. I immediate went into full freaked out mode. This is when I first felt that on point feeling, or at least that how I imagine it. I pulled a U turn as opposed to pulling in, in front of the oncoming car. I ran the stop sign at the T intersection, making a left headed for home figuring I was going to call someone.

    Looking out my driver side window, just above the tree line were the two sets of lights. Two craft, tracking me. Looking in my rear view mirror, the car had made the same left coming my way. I passed the trees and arrived back at the farm where I first saw the lights and ecided if it was going down, it was going down there.

    I stopped the car and got out. I looked up, saw the 2 sets of 4 white lights slow pass over me. The car approaching slowed, I motioned for them to roll the window down. They stopped and started to back up and again I motioned for them to roll the window down. I looked up and saw a hazy blue light that encompassed everything as well as a pinpoint or lasar point red light. I could not make out any shape to the craft.

    There were two young men in the car, having rolled the window down about half way. I asked them if they saw what I was seeing and they were like what? I asked again and pointed to the craft now slowly getting ahead of us and they both got super excited and exclaimed holy $#!+, whats that!? It was right about that time I heard a high pitch hum, a sound I dont recall ever hearing before. I said to the two young men, I think Im hearing an engine it must be some sort of plane.

    They both responded positively, I decided to get back in my car and go to the store since it was in the opposite direction the two craft were now headed. I looked back in my rear view mirror to see the two young men in the car still sitting there, one of the craft breaking off from the other, the same direction I was headed.
    Copied from another forum post I made about my experiences in the carroll co. md. area, 4/9-6/1/2009.


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