Virginia, USA; May 22, 2008

Name: will n. give

Date of Event: Thursday, May 22, 2008 / Approx. 10:05 PM

Location of Event: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Message: I am by no means a “believer” nor a “non-believer” in UFO’s.

However, approx. 15 minutes ago (10:05pm), my wife, my 4 year old, and myself, where laying in our Coleman tent outside here in NorthWestern Virginia. We were laughing and looking up at the stars & clouds.

Every so often, a jet would fly over high above, but would always be preceded by the jet “noise”.
Then, out of no-where, my wife looked back toward the Western Sky and said, ” Look, What is that ?”

I looked back as well, and I saw a VERY bright singular light traveling East toward us, and it appeared to be descending rapidly.
I was taken back by this, because there was NO audible sound. I know the sights and sounds of aircraft, helicopters & airplanes.
I have a trained eye and ear for detail and not exaggeration, due to my chosen profession, Law Enforcement.

I decided to look outside of the tent, so I unzipped the tent and looked toward that light, and suddenly it became three lights. I was very puzzled !!

No sound, one light, then three??????????

I said to my wife, ” Look at that !!, what could that possibly be?” My little girl was then scared. I told her everything would be alright. I then watched the lights (plural), turn back into one.

Then as suddenly as it appeared, it begin to vanish into ………….thin air ! ……….. GONE !!
Oddly enough, this is the third time in 3 years that we, as a family have experienced this. Not exactly the same every time, but one commom thread is, that it is without ANY LOGICAL explaination.

My wife is a paralegal, and I’m a Cop. We are not into making up “goofy” stories. This happened for sure.
We’ve never told anyone about the 2 prior incidents.
I hope this helps. I don’t understand what we saw.


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