Oregon, USA; July 19, 2008

Name: Johnny Gomez

Date of Event: 6pm July,19th 2008

Location of Event: Sandy River,Oregon

Message: Yesterday at the river Around 6pm July,19th 2008 (four years before 2012) still very bright & sunny out.
(for the first time in my life)

I seen an object far up (like 60,000 feet or more) in the sky & it just stayed put, it was weird that how I can see this because it was so small (but only because it was so high & far up in the sky) it was at least & mile & a half long, it looked like a metallic writing pen, understand, that I am not concerned if you believe me not, but this is what I saw, but @ first I thought it was just debry or something in that nature, but I am fascinated about U.F.O.’s anyway & gave this a second thought, so I tried to show my friends but they couldn’t see it, though one of my homies has bad eyesight anyways, & the girl that was there just couldn’t see it, & it is hard to try to get to see this just because it was a bright day & the sky is so vast, you know?

& then eventually I lost it because I was trying to show my friends & I looked away, but it reappeared about two mile south from where it was before, I can’t believe that I was able to catch it again & again I tried to show my friends but again they couldn’t see what I can see, & all of a sudden another one appears North of it, same size same shape, the original craft eventually vanished or something (took off) maybe I lost focus of it, but eventually I lost the other one also because I trying too find the Original craft.

Anyways this all went down yesterday afternoon at the Sandy River, Oregon. My first UFO Sighting…WOW! I can’t believe I got to see them, I am stoked indeed, & I guess its hard for folks too except & believe that until/unless they get too see them also.

~Truth, Isn’t in accordance of the majority

Thank for taking the time reading my experience.

P.S. I haven’t seen a single Chemtrail in the last 3 weeks,I wonder why they stopped spraying out here?

Maybe these Chemtrail spraying are trying to over cast the skies so we can’t see these spaceships in the day? But lucky me,eh?

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