Montana, USA; July 13, 2008

Name: Natalie

Date of Event: 7/13/08 12:30 AM

Location of Event: Rural Eastern Montana, approximately 10 miles south of Richey, MT

Message: July 22, 2008

On Sunday, July 13th, 2008, I went to bed with a book and read until I felt sleepy. At 12:30 AM I put the book down and turned off the lamp next to my bed. I sleep on my side facing two large windows, which face west. Both the ceiling fan and floor fan were on high, which made the closed shades on the windows breathe in and out slightly. As the shades blew out, I saw a perfectly shaped circle, which I assumed was the full moon rising. However, it didn’t look quite right.

The light was a little too intense and focused without any of the soft moon-glow normally surrounding a full moon. I had a strong feeling that I should get up and look out the window, but being very tired, I didn’t. I continued to watch the ‘moon’ as the shade blew in and out until I fell asleep. Less than an hour later, my husband woke me out of a sound sleep and told me the cat was in bed with us. I got up, put the cat in the garage and on my way back to bed, stopped at the window and looked out to confirm the position of the moon.

There was no moon in that part of the sky. The next morning the first thing I did was check the current phase of the moon and I discovered that it wouldn’t be full until Friday, July 18th. On the night of July 13th, the moon was little more than a half circle, not the perfectly round circle I witnessed the night before.

If we lived in a city or town, I would have written the whole episode off as some sort of prank, but we literally live in the middle of nowhere. I paced off the area from my bedroom window to approximately where the light had come from, which took me to the edge of the wheat field behind our house. Although I’ve never been a believer in UFOs and feel a little silly writing this, whatever it was wasn’t right and has left me a little spooked.

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