Kentucky, USA; July 18, 2008

Name: CB

Date of Event: July 18, 2008 12:15am and 12:45am

Location of Event: Central Kentucky, USA

Message: I was never a big believer, until a week and half ago. I was on my way home one night alone in the car with my sleeping children. It was late there were no other cars on the country road when I looked up and saw an extremely bright white light with some small orange and red lights following it. They were somewhat shaped like an airplane so I thought nothing of it. I was headed south the object appeared to be heading east at a rather quick pace, which I thought was unusal as I live within 30 minutes of an airport and 15 of a military base so I see planes and helicopters daily.

Nonetheless I shruged it off. I arrived home a short time later, took my kids in the house to bed, etc. I came back outside to unload my car when I did I heard this loud humming sound,(like an A/C unit, motorcycle, and helicopter all rolled into one) I thought to myself “man that sounds like my a/c unit on my house is about to explode.” I looked around saw no vehicles coming down the road, nobody outside,my a/c unit wasnt even running nothing. I looked straight overhead.

Not even a few thousand feet in the air ( I’d say about as low as the army helicopters run tests runs, for anyone who may live near a military base, if not lower) was this massive object that resembled the one I saw earlier (only a thousand times closer and brighter) just hovering over me. It had a bright white light at the front follower by 2 rows of red and orange slightly smaller lights that ran in sequence from front to back (like christmas lights do) and then 2 midsize lights on top of each other at the end of the rows of lights, the one on top red the one on bottom orange.

I was so scared I ran inside. moments later I came back out thinking I was going crazy. by this time it had flown to the east quite slowly. when I watched it, it made a sharp u-turn right back towards me. It turned in a way I’ve never seen a plane move. I ran back inside to wake my husband….and it was gone.

Maybe I’m crazy, Maybe it was a strange army plane I’ve never seen in all my years living near the base, I don’t know.But I thought I would share, incase anyone else has seen something silimar. Most sightings of UFO’s I’ve been able to find are either saucer shaped or triangular, this one was cigar shaped from the White light (nose) to the final 2 lights which were behind it & slightly above and below the body with blank space inbetween. I couldn’t make out any type of an actual body, it was just the lights and their aura.

One thought on “Kentucky, USA; July 18, 2008

  1. July 2008 I know  between the hours of 1am to 2 am
    We saw the cigar shaped, black bottom, triangled lite object.  The  UFO wasn’t triangled… the black body was cigar shaped and as big as a large house with triangle placed lights. One light the front and two in the back and the rest was black space between the lights.  No, I didn’t see any red or orange lights.  Yes, it hovered over me about 25 to 30 ft. in the air. Yes, it made loud air sounds while hovering and when it left it didn’t make a sound.  When it left it was neither slow nor fast.  It was almost like it was floating at a probing speed at a 45 degree floating angle.  OH! and what I saw wasn’t a BLIMP. I don’t  know what I saw but it wasn’t a blimp.  Just to let ya’ll know they like the woods because these lights stayed in our woods for a while.  Not the big UFO but probing floating lights.  This is the first time I have ever posted anything about this.   Trust me these lights which probe like thick brush and wooded grown up areas.  I told some of my friends they thought I was making a joke but I’m not.  No-one knows how this changed my/our lives.  I will not look up at the night sky the same.  That’s all. 


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