Jacksonville, Alabama, USA; July 19, 2008

Name: brian rowe

Date of Event: this incident occured at 5:30 pm to 6:oo

Location of Event: Jacksonville, Alabama

Message: I recieved my degree from jsu in 1999 and returning often to visit some of my favorite places around the town I drove to the firetower a place that was always available to anyone until my strange encounter happened .

Well I was observing a hidden mountain bowl to the east of where I was standing and I felt like something was close to me and felt like I had company when not 400 0r 500 feet to the east of me in the bowl out of sight to everyone this object appeared out of thin air this huge orange ball of light turned on like a flouressent light bulb does flickering on and I felt like it was showing its self to me because I senced it and what is even stranger about the observation I had made was not a second after the orange ball appeared flickering on with pulsees I heard a loud backfire or combustion electrical charge of some sort possibly a reaction to the object coming out of its stealth hidden camoflague not appearing to anyone until that moment directly out of sight of everyone but me because I was looking down at it.

I plan to investigate further and I already know that in the near future what I need to further do and you will be hearing from me if any further developments occur.