Fort Payne, Alabama, USA; August 1, 2008

Name: Tim

Date of Event: August 1, 2008. About Between 11:30 PM and 12:30AM

Location of Event: Hwy 35 heading East to Ft Payne Alabama. South direction toward Pine Ridge.

Message: My daughter and I were in route to our lake house located in Centre AL. We were on Sand mountain heading East on Hwy 35 at about 65 mph. We were about 10 minutes before going down the mountain to Ft. Payne.

It was perfectly clear that night. She was driving, and I had been observing a few meteorites. Most of them streaked across the sky and only lasted 1-3 seconds, at least from our perspective. That was pretty cool.

I saw an odd light to the south of the road we were traveling at about 45 degrees relative to the horizon. I also noticed that it had a bluish/white light on the left side. It had a shape that appeared to be oval. My daughter then said, “Do you see that Dad? What is that. Let’s pull over!” I said, ok, but up here. We needed to get on the other side of the trees. When we got 500 feet down the road, and on the other side of the trees, the object was gone.

There was a fainter light located to the right of the object. It was hard to tell as to how big it was because the only reference was a light tower in the distance to the left of our field of view. It appeared to be very big, and maybe 500-1000 ft up. The distance across the object seemed to be 2-3 inches. Based on that, 2 inches up close might scale to 80-100 ft across at 500 ft up. Just a guess.

I asked her to describe what she saw, and it was exactly what I thought I had observed. She is 16, and pretty smart. She and I have a 4″ reflector telescope, and have gazed at the sky many times, but have never seen anything like this. We occasionally see satellites pass over, and we also sometimes track when the ISS is passing over, but this was not the same thing.

I had her draw for me what she saw, and it was cigar shaped with a bigger light on the left side of it, and a smaller light to the left.

We viewed this object for at least 20 seconds. it did not appear to be moving.