East Providence, Rhode Island, USA; August 16, 2008

Name: Steve

Date of Event: 8/16/08 1:15 PM

Location of Event: east providence high school, at the track and field complex

Message: Was walking on the track on the field at East Providence Senior High School on Pawtucket Ave, in the city of East Providence, Rhode Island. I was completing a lap around the track, when i noticed a black sphere approaching from the south west and traveling in a North easterly direction.

I stopped walking and paused to look at this thing and try to figure out what it could be. The object did make a sound but it wasn’t a sound that I can reference to anything I have heard before.

The sphere was travelling at a speed around 250 miles per hour and it was travelling in a horizontal linear path. The black metallic sphere was traveling below cloud cover

As the sphere was approaching the high school, it appeared to pass over the adjacent ball fields of Providence Country Day school, as such the sphere had to pass over the Pawtucket Ave and Waterman Ave intersection, Pawtucket Ave is a North to South ave and Waterman Ave intersects Pawtucket ave in an east to west direction.

After the black metallic Sphere passed over the Providence Country Day fields in passed directly over the East Providence base ball field which is situated immediately south of the Foot ball Field and Track. As I was standing on the track i could clearly see the object as a solid Metallic Sphere that appeared to be black, could have been dark grey.

The Metallic Sphere appeared to be travelling under intelligent control.

There was no vapor trail behind the object, and there were no wings or anything projecting from the Sphere.

The Metallic Sphere passed high over the trees on the first base side of the East Providence base ball field, as it did you could see the Sun reflect off the top of the Sphere and the top of the Sphere reflected the Sun light with a mirror type of reflection, the Sun rerlecting off of the Metallic Sphere last a few seconds.

The Sphere continued travelling in a North eastern direction over Commerical Way and headed in the direction of Taunton Ave (Rte 44).

I would like to know what this could have been. Certaintly someone else should have seen this sphere, there were plenty of cars on the road when i left the High School parking lot it was a beautiful Saturday and people were no doubt around and about.

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