Crown Point, Indiana, USA; October, 1967

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: october 1967

Location of Event: Crown Point , Indiana (northwest , Indiana)

Message: Hello- I’m so glad to find your website. I am interested to know if you have records of UFO sightings in Crown Point, Indiana or in Lake County, Indiana ( northwest)back in 1967. My husband and I were involved in a sighting back in those days and I have always wondered if there were any others that reported sightings from then, also.

We were very young and didn’t know about UFO investigations and were very shocked by our experience, also, especially since we had our new baby in a car bed in the back seat of our car. I would be very appreciative to hear if anyone else has anything to say about that time frame and area. Many thanks

One thought on “Crown Point, Indiana, USA; October, 1967

  1. Susan

    I think I saw that one.  I was really young not quite 3.  We were in the car coming home from Chicago going to Lafayette.  We were on 421 up in the region.  I know it was fall leaves were of the trees.  I wish I could remember better.  I saw it and asked what it was.  My parents didn’t know.  Even a child nearly 3 knew it was not normal.  Best I can remember it was one lit object over a farm field but near the edge where there was a woods.  It was lit I believe it was green. The lights blinked, then it moved south west from where it was super fast it made a small streak in the sky and then it was just gone.  We should have been able to still see it.  But it disappeared.
    It is sketchy at best.  I was so young but never forgot it.  It was very strange.


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