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Name: William

Date of Event: 7-24-08 at 9:15pm to 9:30pm

Location of Event: Over coplay,pa

Message: At 9:15pm last night me and my girlfriend saw a bright orange light coming over us about a 1000 feet above us, as it came directly over us it looked like a flying fire floating to the southeast, no sound whatsoever from this ufo,

whatever this was the abe international airport should have picked this object up on radar, we followed its direction in my car and the last i seen it was over hecktown and twords easton before it was out of sight,

this moved to fast for a hot air ballon and i never saw a plane look like that unless that’s what a plane looks like engulfed in flames?

Did anyone see this fast floating flame or fireball going southeast over the lehighvalley between 9pm and 10pm the night of 7-24-08?

One thought on “Coplay, Pennsylvania, USA; July 24, 2008

  1. Jason says:

    Myself and my nephew saw this light, only there were approximately 20 of them going south over the huge hill from Oil City. I thought they were hot air balloons but didn’t make any noise or shoot fire, just a constant flame appearance. Also they were in a pattern but not a formation.


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