Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; August, 1998

Name: Chris

Date of Event: August ?, 1998

Location of Event: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Message: Me and my mom were at this place called Happy Wash off Hixson Pike (in a plaza that also contains a CiCi’s Pizza, what used to be a Bi-lo, and a Chinese restaurant). I looked up and saw a bunch of shapes (about 7, shaped exactly like the steriotypical saucers) to the left of a building that I think houses a bank across the street. They stayed completely still but they were all in the air pretty high up.

I thought it was too weird to be real so every now and then I ask my mom if she remembers it. I asked her before I typed this just to be sure and she still remembers it. It’s one of those things you never forget. They were in a weird place and it was daylight so I can understand people not seeing them, but I wish I could find someone else who saw them that day.

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