Blue Springs, Missouri, USA; August 10, 2008

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: 2:04 am CST

Location of Event: Blue Springs, MO

Message: I saw a bright light- it lasted approx. 1 second- The light was approx. 1 mile up in the sky. I have lived in this location 1 year and have seen countless planes and helicopters fly overhead. The bright spot light i saw was lower than any aircraft I have ever seen. The reason I am online now is because there was no sound. The night was(is) completely silent except for cicadas, frogs, etc. I was looking south at a 45 degree angle from Roanoke and 12th St. in Blue Springs, MO 64015. If anyone else in MO saw this, please post here.

One comment

  1. 9:00 pm aug 12th witnessed low huvering light, what appeared to be an orb of burning gases, no sound, no blinking or other color sequenced lights. After both raising and lowering in elevation it zoomed out of sight at a much faster rate of speed than it appeared. I have witnessed what i thought to be ufo’s, but at the low elevation in which it was huvering i had no doubts and exited my truck in order to take pictures, none of which came out at all. Is this anything like what you have seen? LOCATION: Parkwood & 2nd Ter Blue Springs,MO


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