Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; July 5, 2005

Name: cameorn

Date of Event: 2005 july 5th around 8pm

Location of Event: lincoln nebraska

Message: The night of july 5th 2005 I was in the passenger seat and mt friend was driving. We were heading home from a convention and we pulled over to a parking lot. All of a sudden I saw a bright beam of light moove in the sky. The strange thing was it was very low to the ground. It stopped around 500 feet in the sky and stayed there. It was very bright and eery. At this point we were waiting for it to blast like a firework because it almost looked like a firwork before it goes of. It didnt move for five minutes.

We got back on the road and i stared out the back window until it was gone out of sight. It began to move a little but what ever it was it was huge and bright. Myself, being a true believer in UFO sightings didn’t want to make a fool out of myself so i didn’t share this with anyone. Take this information as you want and hopefully someday the true mystery will reveal itself.