Goshen, Indiana, USA; July 6, 2008

Name: M

Date of Event: July 6th, 2008 about 10:30 PM

Location of Event: Goshen, IN

Message: The other day I noticed this movie, Phoenix Lights, at blockbuster and was compelled to watch it ASAP. It was strange- I rented it as soon as I got a chance, invited a friend and we watched it together. My friend kept laughing during the film, I don’t think he took it too seriously but at the same time he does believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

That night there were July 4th fireworks (the date was July 6th though). Many people gathered around my subdivision, tons of cars, music, games… We sat on the grass right in front of the fireworks and watched them for about half an hour. As they ended, me and my boyfriend got up and started getting ready to leave.. Now, I asked him earlier that day to bring binoculars- after the movie, I felt I’d like to watch the starts later that night to see if I notice anything odd just for the fun of it… So people start trying to get out of the subdivision with all those cars.. everybody’s wrapping up their towels and folding their chairs, but I look up ..and right at the site where the fireworks were..there’s these 3 orange lights… Right away, they resembled the lights in the movie, but smaller. They were definitely bigger than any stars on the sky and bright orange. I later noticed a 4th one below between the trees.

I would assume that I am making this up, or even WANTING to see them after watching the Phoenix Lights movie… BUT my boyfriend standing next to me did not see the movie and he was shocked at the sight as well. He saw 5 lights however, I’m not sure where the 5th one was- probably among the other trees. In this way, maybe the figure was different.

But here is how it looked to me: the 4 lights were in a row pointing to to the upper right. I grabbed my binoculars and my boyfriend was trying to take a picture with his camera phone (which of course did not work well) and saw that they were simply oval orange (amber?) lights…just stationary in the dark sky, not moving a bit and not twinkling…No sound. I put my binoculars down and looked around at people- NOBODY paid ANY attention trying to get to their cars and go home… Some did pay attention but merely concluded that they were part of the fireworks.

Anyway, then it got a bit more odd. One of them moved (or several of them, or as my bf says, one disappeared and reappeared in a different spot) and in the end, the lights formed something like a wide triangle! Plus the forth lowest light was still there on the left (as if not part of the formation -in MY opinion_. My bf said it looked like a Z (look at the picture on the bottom).

Then, if you would view the triangle as a whole object…it started to TURN with it’s end (the 2nd light from the top) moving to the right. I could not believe it! Later, my boyfriend told me he didn’t see it turn at all… but, as he showed me the video he made with his phone (which is terrible quality, naturally) – I hear myself saying during the video: Oh my God, they are MOVING! It’s turning!” So while the turning took place, he was actually looking at the screen of his phone trying to catch the lights- that is why, in my opinion, he did not actually notice the turn as his attention was focused on the phone screen.

Then… just like the Phoenix Movie described… the lights started to disappear. One by one- top first, then the other end of the triangle (3rd from top) and then the middle light (and I watched this one carefully through my binoculars anticipating it to fade away just like in the movie…. And it did).

I don’t know when the lower light disappeared, I didn’t pay attention but it wasn’t there. I wouldn’t believe just my own eyes, especially after being influenced by the film… but my boyfriend was there and said it had NOTHING to do with the fireworks or planes… the lights just hanged in there, then changed positions very slowly and eventually disappeared one by one……………………….

Also, my other friend (who I watched the movie with) saw them- thought they were strange..only saw 2.. and decided it was somehow connected to the fireworks. Overall, I think the lights stayed there for about 3 minutes. (they disappeared one by one about 5-10 seconds apart). I later asked the older lady i live with, and she said she saw them too. They looked STRANGE to her but she associated them with the fireworks…

Either way, it was utterly strange and unexplainable. He can’t tell me what it was, he says- after watching the Phoenix lights- that it’s VERY similar to those and looked non-natural or human-made…





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