Commerce Township, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: angel

Date of Event: july 4 2008 at 10:30 ish??

Location of Event: July 4th 2008 in commerce township, mi (michigan) everyone on the lake saw it.

Message: it was moving slow red center and glowing orange around it — i ran to grab my binoculars and everyone with me said it started moving quick —

i saw it it looked more orange than anything and then is was so fast moving west that it looked white and just disappeared. I have no idea what it was but it was higher than a plane and it hovered for a few seconds and then vanished …

I am just bothered when i called the police i felt like an idiot asking if anyone called seeing that… she said no rudely and hung up. I have 15 people with me that saw it also …. just want to know what I saw.

4 thoughts on “Commerce Township, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

  1. Kristen Dubisky

    Name: Kristen Dubisky

    Submitted on 2008/07/08 at 10:19pm

    On 4th of July around 1:30 AM. My friends && I noticed 2 huge hovering orange..glowing balls of fire? Hard to explain really but seems like the same thing you saw. I took pictures and zoomed in I will post them. It was just really weird they were just hovering around and when another car stopped to ask us if we were okay we tried pointing the objects out and they vanished… what the h*ll is going on here?


  2. Dale Evans

    Name: Dale Evans

    Submitted on 2008/07/14 at 2:09am

    on july 11 8:45 pm looking north west over lake michagan ican not beleave it but i saw what i thought was somthing burning up intering
    our atmaspear then it stoped and split in to at least 6 lights and stoped in the air for about 5 minutes or so then i can not see it no more i was
    at comunty hospital in munster in. and there was four or five people there that seen it to


  3. chris johns

    Name: chris johns

    Submitted on 2008/07/15 at 10:32am

    I live in Athens, GA and On July 4th at approximately 10p.m. me and my girlfriend saw a red glowing light in the sky moving suspiciously slow and somewhat low in the atmosphere. We observed this for close to five minutes. It did not have any differentiating lights on it besides the red glow. This caused us to wonder what it was since helicopters and planes usually have other lights distinguishing it as such. It did not make any noise. I know of many other people who saw the same thing we did on the same night as well as witnesses to the object on different nights. There are also videos of it from different parties on youtube. They all are of the same thing, a reddish-orange glowing object.


  4. blair

    Name: blair

    Submitted on 2008/07/18 at 5:01pm

    several of us witnessed the same objects on long lake near hale michigan. first time there was 4 of us watching the fireworks from a pontoon boat on the 4th. at first glance i thought it was a piece of firework floating across the sky (it looked like a glowing ember) but quickly realized it was something flying overhead. there were 2 objects that night. the next night there was 7 of us and we and again 2 red-orange balls of light flew over us again. both nights the lights were traveling from south to north and about 10:30 to 11:00 pm. on saturday night we saw a possible 3rd object later in the far west sky. our group opinion was that these were far faster than a regular aircraft and the the whole object was emitting light. we watched them approach, overhead and going away but the light and shape never changed. reading your posts above it seems these objects were all over lower michigan about the same time. guess they were just checking out the fireworks displays. it was really exciting to see these.


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