Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; June 21, 2008

Name: Robyn

Date of Event: 6/21/08 at around 10:20 p.m.

Location of Event: Indianapolis, IN

Message: On the evening of 6/21/08 my son and I were in the car driving on the southeast side of Indianapolis. We were approaching a stop sign (heading north) when I noticed a horizontal row of 11 bright yellow-orangish colored lights stretched across the sky. Three of the lights were out of the line lagging a bit behind. They seemed to be just hovering, and a tower is the first thing that came to mind, but they were at a slight angle, so I knew it wasn’t a tower. There is no way it was planes, or stars either. They were way too bright, and they were flashing off and on intermittently. My son went to get his cell phone out to take a picture and realized he had left it where we were coming from, so I went to turn the car around to go back and get the cell phone. In that short of time, about 5 of the lights had disappeared, and the others had scattered about.

I then decided to go and park to watch the rest of them and to see where they would go. They were alot closer to us now. One came directly above our car, although very high up into the sky. We watched it float straight up higher and higher until it disappeared. We then saw 3 more of the lights appear above the horizon between a couple of houses. We watched them float toward our direction (east). One of them was further ahead of the other 2 and came toward us (east) and then angled off (toward the north) and then floated upwards into the sky until it disappeared. The other 2 were still moving in our direction but didn’t come out as far. They began to float higher and higher straight up into the sky and then disappeared in the exact same spot, one right after the other. We could not see anymore of the lights.

I do not believe in aliens or ufo’s, but this was absolutely nothing I have ever seen before. I have tried to explain it away in every way possible, and could not come up with anything that makes any sense. I thought maybe fireworks caused it, but there is no way a firework is going to float out that far and that high up into the sky. I could not tell if they were giving off any sound either. I could only hear my car running. This was the freakiest thing I have ever seen.

This was not out in the middle of nowhere. It was by a freeway, and neighborhoods. Surely someone else besides my son and I saw this. I have watched the news, looked in today’s paper and have not seen anything about it. I am too embarrassed to call and ask if something had been reported. I know I sound crazy, but I know what I saw! These lights were like glowing, almost fiery. Very strange. I really hope someone will be able to confirm what we saw.