Indiana, USA; June 25, 2008

Name: Anonymous, Health Professional

Date of Event: June 25, 2008

Location of Event: Southwest Indiana

Message: At 11:20pm tonight I was standing in my backyard and saw a bright white light suddenly appear in the Southern sky at approximately 55 or 60 degrees to the horizon line. The light was as bright as a white flair and moved very slowly to the right for approximately 10 – 15 seconds then the brightness diminished and the light “faded” out and I couldn’t see it any longer. The light was not a shooting star, it moved too slowly and was brighter than anything else in the sky. I was not lightening or ball lightening. There is not a cloud in the sky tonight and the moon is not out.

There are lots of stars out and this was in no way similar to any star in the sky. It did not have a tail or trail, and did not blink or make any noise. I have NEVER seen anything like this in my life. I have seen comets, shooting stars, eclipse of the moon, shuttle launches, and am familiar with star formations. I am 48 and witnessed this with my son who is 24. We both saw the same thing and neither of us can explain just what it was that we saw.

One thought on “Indiana, USA; June 25, 2008

  1. Courtney

    last night at 10:13pm I saw the same exact thing. Except my 10 yr old daughter watched it with me and it flew directly over our heads. Way brighter than any star in the sky and traveling very quickly but silently. There was cloud cover tonight but this was definatly flying below it and there was another one next to it flying at the same speed except it was either farther away or smaller. Then while it was flying looked for planes in the sky to compare and there were 3 all flying in different directions and not very close to what we saw. This was NOTHING like the airplanes. Just a bright white light almost gliding through the sky. Then right before our eyes it just vanished and it wasn’t even far enough to have been too far to see, only about 8 houses down. I’ve never really believed in UFO’s but what I saw tonight has definatly changed my mind


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