Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA; June 2, 2008

Name: andrew

Date of Event: june 2 2008 10pm

Location of Event: nj route 80 east 1/8 of a mile b4 the squirelwood rd exit

Message: i saw something odd very low in the sky on route 80 east bound. Unfortunately I was driving at 65mph so I couldnt get a look at it, but based on the criteria of a ufo being something unidentified and flying, it would constitute a ufo. Im just curious as to whether anyone else had seen it. It was maybe about the size of a helicopter about 150 yards up with several lights flashing.

One comment

  1. Name: David Sralik

    Submitted on 2008/06/16 at 7:06am

    ## I saw something major in the sky that i could not identify. Friday night June 13th around 1 AM. I live in Philadelphia and my girlfriend is up in Chester NJ. I have been driving 202 to 287 for the last 2 years. It was a clear night and warm. As I was driving up 202 N getting close to the Big Pharma companies, Ortho and JnJ, I noticed what looked to be light 4 lights in a square formation. At first I thought, wow, I don’t ever remember seeing what looks like airplane beakons / towers that go on the top of hills to prevent planes from crashing. That is what it looked like at first. Then THEY MOVED! This is freaky. I approached the Ortho building (very large) on the N side of 202 and the lights were hovering about 1 to 3 blocks behind the building. I stopped car and observed it for at least 10 minutes. It had one flashing red light, two white lights and one still red light. The flashing red light looked like a standard aircraft light flashing, but the thing was very large, like the size of a large military cargo plain. I could not make out any parts of the craft, but I did see the lights. It moved slowly to the right, stopped and then move slowly to the left. There was no sound. I had my camera with me, but my battery was dead. As it hovered, it descended to land somewhere. I got back in my car and drove across the street to see what the heck this was. I drove up a residential street and saw nothing. Again, the flashing light looked very normal for an aircraft of any sort. I personally love aircraft and flying so I watch them often. The movement was almost like a hovering. It was close because I could see the trees. It was as high as about 3 stories then landed somewhere. There is no way NJ would have a large airport behind two power house companies like JnJ and Ortho. Again, there was no noise what so ever.
    Has anyone seen anything like this? I am 40 years old, professional, and I was sober and not tired.


    Name: Joseph

    Submitted on 2008/06/22 at 5:05pm

    I was lying in bed around 1am when I noticed a single light in the sky, which I figured was a very bright star. I stared at it, because I had never before noticed this star outside my window. Then, it started to move in a slow, circular movemet – bobbing a little. This went on for a half an hour and eventually moved behind my line of vision (a tree blocked it). I got up to try to find it again, but it had disappeared.


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