Miami, Florida, USA; 1960s

Name: Max Undorfer

Date of Event: dusk mid 1960’s

Location of Event: Miami,Fl. USA

Message: I am 52 now and I think I was 7 or 8 when I saw this thing.

After seeing it I went in the house and told my parents, they put on the radio and it was reported that possibly a Soviet space vehicle had passed over Miami.

It began as a very bright star in the north sky. It then took on a look of gas or smoke. It then formed into a blimp looking object. What was nuts about this thing was that it was not like an aircraft that you could see in three dimension but more like a giant moon in the sky(same color).

This thing had to be miles in length, it made no sound, it was not fancy, in fact it looked ancient. It may have taken 5 -10 minutes to pass over then turned into smoke then a bright star then gone.

I swear to God this is true and there was a little girl with me but I don’t remember who she was.


  1. I remember being a little girl..maybe 5 or 6, coming home I think it was a Sunday night. We were driving in the car when in the middle of traffic something hover above us with a tremendous light…blinding everyone for what seemed to be  along time (I was very young).I remember as I got older always thinking it seemed like a scene from a movie. When we got home it was on the news. My Dad used to remember but not so much now….The year was 1968 or 69. Does anyone remember this happening in Miami /Hialeah Fl.??


  2. It seems that alot of things have happened in Hialeah. I have lived there since 1993. I was five years old,and i saw so many unexplainable things. So have my friends, and their mothers. And some of my friend have had an experience of an object landing on their house  in the middle of the night (but actually he lived in miami) wake up his whole family. they were in mayhem for about an hour! they tried calling the poilice, but no electronic device would work. The kid would look up at the celing from his house form his window and all he could see was a bright light. Finally the next morning, the dad went up to the celing, only to find, three holes on the top of his house.


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