Jackson, Kentucky, USA; July, 1998

Name: Hanley

Date of Event: Late July, 1998 9:30pm and still around the area.

Location of Event: Breathitt County, Jackson KY. 41339

Message: Hello,
My name is Hanley K Little, I live in the mountains of Eastern KY. When I was born in 1985 the leading doctors in Lexington, could not give any explanation on how I was born. My mothers tubes had been cut, burnt, & tied years before, another child would kill her and was said to be impossible. There is strange rock formations all over the woods and hills behind my farm. The old timers in the area will not say much, but that the indians in the area a long time ago used the rock circles for something. It was in 1998 that I saw a craft of some kind came down in rock throwing distance from me.

I tried to run and it was like I was stopped watching the ship like nothing was wrong for a brief few seconds. I ran to the farm house and it was 11:45pm. Two hours had disappeared like 5 min. to me. Since then I have experienced a lot of things on a frequent basis, I believe because I kept to myself. Please reply I would like to talk. I believe I may have been given something that night. P.S. There is something strange with the rocks. It’s a strange sound that happens quiet frequently in a pulsing fashion, and can be felt by touch through the larger stones.

One thought on “Jackson, Kentucky, USA; July, 1998

  1. Anonymous

    Name: H.K. Little

    Submitted on 2008/07/01 at 10:59pm

    I know that what I have explained must seem quiet unbelievable but it is all true. I’m now being sworn in as a honorable law enforcement officer. And all though my experience’s is still fresh in my mind, I will still try to uphold the the law, in this area. We have chased down many people that try to out run the the law of Breathitt County. Even though my law enforcement experience, I will not deny what I have seen & know to be true. I will continue to seek the the truth, even until the end of time. Because I know that there is something else out there. And in time we will know what is the the purpose. P.S. I will post soon pics of the strange Indian rock formatiations where strange activity occurrs. Thanks, H.K.L.


    Name: Dennis

    Hello Hanley,
    I also was born in Eastern Ky and although i never saw anything out of the ordinary i was always curious about the rocks behind our house ( on top of the hill). I always felt quite at home there and at peace, Like i belonged there.


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