West Hartford, Connecticut, USA; May 28, 2008

Name: pamela .k

Date of Event: 5/28/08 approximately 950pm

Location of Event: west hartford and hartford ct

Message: I was driving down farmington ave from west hartford towards hartford. to my left I saw 2 flying objects at first I thought it was a helicopter the other looked like a shooting star. the two moving objects seperated. I focused on the one that looked like a helicopter. I was surprised to see it flying low and at a moderate speed..approximately 50 miles a hour. I was following it and able to keep behind it…i was going about 40 miles.

I was going east and then it cross over to the south. It was shaped like an egg with blue and red lights horizontal. Once it crossed to the south of farmington towards park st it speed off. It was quite the experience…I f anyone saw something like this please post