Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA; May 1, 2008

Name: Doug Boynton

Date of Event: May 1, 2008, Approx. 9:00 PM

Location of Event: Pawley’s Island, S.C.

Message: I was on vacation at Pawley’s Island, SC, and was on my balcony overlooking the resort when I looked over the ocean and saw 6 diamond shaped red-orange lights. 4 of them, equi-distance apart, were about 30 degrees from horizon in the SSE sky. The other 2 were the same height and were in the SE sky. It was hard to determine how far away they were. They were not moving and there was no noise. After about 10 seconds, the far right one disappeared, then the next and so on. I called my wife out to see and by the time she got outside, she saw the last 1 of the 4 and the remaining 2 disappear, one after the other. I watched the sky for about 20 minutes and never saw them reappear.

Since then I have seen pictures and descriptions of the recent sightings over Pheonix AZ and they are very similar except they were a differrent color.

This is my first ever sighting of something like this.


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