Dutch Valley, Clinton, Tennessee, USA; 1970

Name: george

Date of Event: summer of 1970  winter of 1970

Location of Event: Dutch valley community in anderson county tennessee

Message: I awoke when I was 5 years old and went to my bedroom window.  Up on the hill beside my house was a huge light about 100 feet off the ground.  I watched as it would move back and forth behind a huge elm tree and the ridge behind the house.  It knew I was watching it and we were playing a mind game.  I would say move and it would move.  I would say move again and it moved again.   No noise no sound and this went on for a long period of time.  The next day I asked if any of my family saw the light on the hill and no one did.

Later that winter my brother and I were in out bunk beds and I was on the bottom bunk. There appeared pink and yellow lights on the wall beside my bed.  I asked my brother to hang his head over and look.  After alot of asking he did and saw them too.  We thought they were reflection from somewhere and put a blanet over our head and up agaist the wall.  They were still there.  We put our hands over the lights and you could see them lighting up between the cracks in our finger.  We didn’t wake anyone up to show them but we did grab our blankets and sleep in the living room that night.  To this day we still remember the lights on the bedroom wall that were pink and yellow.

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