Lafayette, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: April 16th, 2008 around 10:40PM.

Location of Event: Lafayette Indiana

Message: Two of us were outside and looked up in the sky to see a line of about 5 orange tinted lights.  They then went out and re-appeared about 5 degrees higher.  They were originally about at 25 degrees horizon elevation.  The lights then went out an re-appeared about another 5 degrees up and to the left.  This was in the East sky and they were moving South.  The whole event lasted maybe 40 seconds.  There was no noise, and the light were steady the whole time, no flashing.  They were perfectly spaced at all times.  While the lights were on, they weren’t moving.  They seemed to be about 1 or 2 miles away.  Anyone else see this??