Kokomo, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

Name: Greg Jackson

Date of Event: 4/16/2008 @ 9-9:30 p.m.

Location of Event: Kokomo, In

Message: Me and my whole family were watching tv in tha living room and heard ah “sonic boom” like sound that shook the whole house. We ran outside to see wat the sound was, only to see that our whole neighborhood also came outside to see what was going on. After we were outside, we saw 5-8 bright, white lights lined horizontally and flashed one-by-one in order from right to left, then left to right, then bak again.

after it lingered in the air for about ah minute, it just disappeared without ah trace, ah signal, or any smoke or fire to show ah path of direction. IF YOU SEEN THIS TOO, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR POST AH BLOG TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAW in KOKOMO, IN on 4/16/2008.

6 thoughts on “Kokomo, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

  1. Cyndi Gordon

    Name: Cyndi Gordon

    Submitted on 2008/04/17 at 12:14am

    I too saw the bright white lights in the western sky right after the loud boom that shook my whole house. I live in the Northeast part of Kokomo close to the new Chrysler plant. I saw 4 t0 5 white lights then it looked like white fireworks going off from north to south direction. This happened 3 times, then it looked like it moved and headed in a western direction disappearing out of sight.


  2. Stephanie Hicks

    Name: Stephanie Hicks

    Submitted on 2008/04/17 at 7:03am

    I’m really glad someone else has posted something about this. I was starting to think I was crazy! What Greg described is exactly what I saw, though from my perspective, they appeared to be more orange in color. I live on South Webster street, and the boom shook my house as well. I grabbed my phone and tried to take a picture but couldn’t capture anything with the low quality camera. I hope we can get some explanation for what we saw.


  3. Casey

    Name: Casey

    Submitted on 2008/04/17 at 9:46am

    First there was a boom. My family and I went outside to see what it was. Then I saw an airplane of some sort heading west. As I was pointing at the plane, The lights appeared what looked like to be in front of the plane. One light appeared in the western sky and then divided into about 5 lights in a perfect row. The lights(not like bulbs, but round flames.) were fading in and out. A few of what looked like sparks emitted and the lights disappeared. They then reappeared at approximately the same place, but different angle. We saw more “Sparks” then what looked like a flaming fragment shoot off to the north while the lights were still flashing and then the lights seemed to “spark/disintegrate”. The plane that was heading straight toward it had to of seen the whole thing! I am hoping that someone captured it on video. They are trying to say that this was caused by some kind of meteor or atmospheric disturbance, but anyone who witnessed this would agree this was not meteors. I would also like to hear any feedback or other info anyone has, please post here.


  4. Patty

    Name: Patty

    Submitted on 2008/04/18 at 4:40pm

    How ironic that this siting was made two days before the midwest earthquake occurred. I’ve read recently where UFOs are being seen now just prior to natural disasters occurring. Wonder if this is coincidental…or if they mitigated a diaster that could possibly have been much worse??!!


  5. ashley hovis

    Name: ashley hovis

    Submitted on 2008/04/18 at 10:37pm

    I seen it to!
    i was sitting on the couch with my brothers and we heard an explosion and were like what the heck and we ran out side and looked up (cause i thought we were being bombed lol) and i seen the lights in a row, but then i seen and explosion, it was crazy, but afterwards i seen a like smoke line of some sort. Then today, this morning i woke up and seen my bedroom shaking and i started freaking thinking a tornado was coming, and i looked on the news and they were all like whoah, what just happened lol. It was so crazy, All this stuff going on.


  6. Lola*

    This incident intriques me very much.  I live in Michigan, and I have heard about the Kokomo Flare recently. We all are aware that Unidentified Flying objects have occured in the past, and I wonder sometimes, if our government is actually the ones that are creating these UFO’s.  I completely believe that we are not the only ones living in this universe; at the same time, I wonder maybe if our governemnt is trying to build some kind of flying machine for the future.   ??


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