Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; April 1, 2008

Name: Jesse

Date of Event: 4/1/2008

Location of Event: Tulsa , Oklahoma

Message: I was driving home on 4/1/2008 at 1:30 AM when I saw a UFO hovering just north of downtown Tulsa. At first I thought it might be a helicopter but there was know flashing lights. The lights I did see were too big and bright to be a helicopter and they formed the shape of a triangle. As I continued driving I noticed another one but this one was moving slowly west.  At the same time I was watching this one I was trying to keep my eye on the first one.

When I looked back the first  one was gone. This second one I saw came to a complete stop and then moved back the same direction it came from (towards me). There are a lot of helicopters that fly over my neighborhood and so I know how they fly. This was something I have never seen before. Another thing that stood out is that I couldn’t notice any structure to these objects, and because of the way they moved could not have been a plane or helicopter.

2 thoughts on “Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; April 1, 2008

  1. Anonymous

    Name: Andy Barber

    Submitted on 2008/04/07 at 8:03am

    Saw the same Saturday in about the same area..but these (3) were stacked on top of each other..but in formation 2:30am..


    Name: mike

    Submitted on 2008/04/07 at 10:14pm

    wow i heard about this


  2. kevin

    I was walking to my car 7-6-09 at about 10:15 and say a like object first it appeared to be a satellite or towerlight. It was in the South skies. Then it moved slowly and at a weird angle came within a mile and made no sound. definitely not a helicopter and not a plane. Move Northwest. After a short time maybe 5-6 mins the object vanished.


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