Clarksville, Tennessee, USA; February 9, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 2/9/08 at night

Location of Event: clarksville,Tennessee

Message: i heard a noise outside and looked out and saw a big circle object  hovering just bearly out throwing disnet it had 4 lights  = apart i told some 1 then came and back and it was gone

One comment

  1. We saw something the other night towards hopkinsville. There was one main one and then several smaller ones that disappeared. There were planes flying close to it, but they didn’t seem to see anything. It stopped in mid-air as one plane flew on and then descended slowly. As we ran to see where it went, it flew faster. When we went back to the spot we had been at at the initial sighting, the other “stars” or what we thought were stars were gone.


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