Columbia, South Carolina, USA; February 2, 2008

Name: Leandre Gregory

Date of Event: 2 Feb 08/ 6:11 PM

Location of Event: Columbia, SC

Message: I was sitting outside smoking a cigar and I was looking to the south and there coming out of some clouds was the object, the object came from the south heading north at about 15,000 feet. I call my son to verify the object was not an Airplane or a Helicopter. It was black in color, no lights and there was air traffic  above and below in the vicinity.

I grabbed a pair of binoculars to see if I could identify the object but all I could make out was the color, there was no sound and it seemed to drifting, it could have been a balloon but I could not be sure.

One thought on “Columbia, South Carolina, USA; February 2, 2008

  1. Anonymous

    Name: J. Ellis

    Submitted on 2008/02/05 at 4:41am

    Friday Feb. 1 2008 9:55 pm I was leaving my driveway to pick up my daughter when I saw 2 HUGE lights in the sky it then was right over head in an instant, I got out of the car to look at it thinking it might be a weather ballon or military when it tilted and everything became in very clear it lookedlike 2 glass balls that were pulsating whatlooked like lava back and forth everything else was dark around it covering the stars the it tilted again and it looked like glass blocks with lights very bright then no more lights then moved slowly then in a flash it was way far away . What in the world was it ???


    Name: Jeremy Roberts

    Submitted on 2008/02/09 at 9:14am

    My family and I saw something on Thursday night around 10:30 or so. It appeared in the distance as a cigar shaped object with a red light in back and a white/redish light in front. It flew over our house pretty low and you could see from underneath it had 6 lights and was a triangular shape. This object made no noise whatsoever and was flying in the Hartsville/Lydia area headed towards the Columbia area.


    Name: Pamela

    Submitted on 2008/08/04 at 7:54pm

    This sighting has bugged me for several months.I cant remember the exact day but the days were between the 23rd-25th of Feb. 2008.I was going out of the back door of my house,it was late evening…just getting dark.There is a large pond about 2/10th of a mile to the right of our property.I noticed a very large object over the pond…hovering…no sound..just bright lights of different colors.The sight of this huge object was frightning.I watched it for about 3 minutes and went back into the house.I think the sighting was around the time or close to the lunar eclipse.This is the first and last time I saw the object as I now I look in that direction every night.I saw multiple sightings posted in and around the Florence,Myrtle Beach and Pamplico area on the internet.I needed to share this story and see if there were any other sightings.What is with the sightings over ponds????


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