Oklahoma, USA; January 27, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 1/27/08

Location of Event: Southeastern Oklahoma

Message: As my daughter and I were driving into the town where we live, I noticed two very bright lights in the sky over the northwest side of the town, near the baseball field. We thought the lights were very peculiar and so we decided to investigate. As we got closer to the object my daughter noticed it had a red light in the middle of the two white lights in front of the object.

I pulled over and my daughter ran into the house of a friend to get her and her parents to see the object. It appeared to be several hundred feet in the sky and was slowly traveling toward us, which would be east. We all watched as it went above us. I heard a faint humming sound as the craft flew over us. You could clearly see the lights underneath it.

There were several glowing white and red lights, but none of the lights blinked, and the craft seemed to be in some sort of triangular or inverted trapezoid shape. We watched as the craft slowly traveled east, until we could no longer see it. It didn’t look like any aircraft that I had seen or heard of before.

One thought on “Oklahoma, USA; January 27, 2008

  1. i used to see a lot of flying round orbs, or spheres, thats the shape they looked up in the sky. they were colors of white, blue, red, green, and yellow, but mostly white. in one sighting there were three orbs up in the sky following close together. colors were dark blue, dark red and dark yellow. at one point they all stopped and came together to form a triangle. they would seperate and come together again, beautiful sight to see. another time i was mowing my yard around 5 pm when i saw this blue round object coming from north to south right towards me. as it got closer it began to descend lower until it was just above my big tree level. as it passed over me, it looked like it was coming down to take a look at me, that is how i felt. it looked like the size of a basketball solid dark blue and it was moving slow so i took a very good look. it made no noise. i had many others in 2008, but have not seen one at all in 2009, i wonder if they are gone, do you know. if you do let me know, e-mail; please, R M


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