Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA; January 22, 2008

Name: Bill

Date of Event: 1/22/08

Location of Event: Lebanon, PA

Message: My flying buddy saw one right up close TODAY 1/22/08 while getting flight instruction. She said it was larger than a 747, first appeared as a flying wing with wingtip lights from about 3 miles out, then instantaneously streaked to alongside her Cessna’s wingtip right up “danger close”, then in the blink of an eye, streaked off. She and her instructor saw it and drew it separately on paper later to confirm they saw the same thing. This stuff is for real folks, and Penna seems to be a hot spot.

One comment

  1. Name: Alice

    Submitted on 2008/03/12 at 11:37pm

    Am seeing the same type of lights and location of an object at this very time. I came inside to see if I couold get online with anyone that was nearby with a good telescope. A few friends and I saw this object from another location over the last few months but, tonight it it just myself and it is much closer at my location. However, I only have binoculars. I know from all the prior sightings that this is the same lighting. It is in no way any vehicle I know of, my father was a pilot. I wish there was a team that could assemble to take note ofthese events when contacted. It moves very slowly, looking like it is just floating but, can be judged by vantage points as to its whereabouts. Well I guess there’s not much to say. I am saving up for a telescope. I have a video camera, but not for dark. Thanks for sharing. near Lehigh Valley Airport


    Name: rudy chidiac

    Submitted on 2008/07/13 at 7:46am

    hey everybody im rudy from lebanon-harissa …one day it was 3:00 pm i was in the school bus, i saw something in the sky it was like a flying baloon, but i knew that its a ufo because it moves so fast in a straight line then stopped and disapeared


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