Indiana, USA; January 23, 2008

Name: todd

Date of Event: 1/23/2008

Location of Event: indiana

Message: 13 year Air Force veteran, I preface with that becuase i know aircraft, ive seen thousands, ive seen approach lights, final approach lights, aircraft in distress etc, what i saw was not an aircraft that i have ever seen. My kids an i were traveling east on a clear night. i noticed 2 bright amber colored lights aligned horizontally north to south. i have no idea how far away they were so i can not estimate the size or the altitude. if i were to guess i would say they were within 1 mile and altitude around 2 thousand feet.

I stopped the car and opened the door to look. as i did this the light to the north slowly faded out. when it had disappeared another appeared to the south of the remaining one at about an equal distance. then that one faded out of sight and another appeared to the south of third light, the third light faded and a fourth appeared again at about an equal distance. Those lights faded out in unison, then a fith appeared further to the south. then faded, i did not see anything else that night.

I dont know what it was, i can only say it was unlike anything i had ever seen.  As far as i know no one else saw them except my children.