Anchorage, Alaska, USA; September 16, 2007

Name: Kristin

Date of Event: I think it was on 9/16/07, in the evening, I would guess around 7 or 8 pm.

Location of Event: West Anchorage, I saw it from Raspberry Rd going west. It looked like it was above the Kincaid area

Message: When I first noticed it, there was a smaller sized ball of white light next to a larger one. The larger ball of light then appeared to actually split into two after stretching out long ways – then becoming three separate “balls of white light”. They moved slowly it seemed and also looked like they went off in a formation of the 3. Never seen anything like it and I know what I saw was not a plane or anything. Anyone else seen something similar?

One comment

  1. I saw 12 – 15 star sized, alittle bigger, going  from one edge of the sky to the opposite edge of the the sky, in seconds … not all at the same time but some by one, twos, and threes. Seemed to be a moving white light but when they would pass right over me the light seemed to fade and would then look like a metal, ball like object. I saw most of them head towards the North East I believe, although some went North and some went South. I saw one go from the North edge of the sky, travelled 3/4 of the way to the South edge of the sky, then one came all the way from the North end, part of the sky and it caught up to the one heading to the South edge… I mean it hauled ass! They looked like they infused together and what I saw looked like a redish/white light, with a kind of blur look as they came together and then they disappeared! It’s hard to tell though because they were small and so far off from me by this time . What were all of these object passing over so quickly? All went to and fro basically straight lined. I saw one move up from its center positioning and then moved back to the center, then went down and then again went back to its original position, then moved to the side and and moved again to its original position, then moved to the other side and again went back to its original center position…. it rested in the position it started from and didn’t move again. Seemed to me like it was signaling these other two UFOs, ones that were approaching from all the way across the opposite side of the sky… the two went directly to it in seconds! The time was approximately between 11:00pm and 11:50pm on September 16, 2009, over Wasilla, Alaska’s nightime sky.  I will be watching tonight for sure! Pretty crazy….Your time and my time are not the same but we did see something on the same night! Very Interesting! If I see more tonight I will post again the following day.


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