Omaha, Nebraska, USA; October 9, 2007

Name: Jake L

Date of Event: 11:05 pm, Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Location of Event: Omaha NE, I am at 50 and maple, the UFO was to the east, maybe 2 miles away

Message: I was in my backyard looking at stars when I saw something moving in the sky. I was amazed and I had to stand up to get a closer look.  I could only see white lights that, if stationary would look just like stars.  They were in a “V” shaped pattern with about 5 or 6 lights going down each length of the “V”. It was moving south until it went behind a street light and I could no longer see it.


  1. Name: Randi

    Submitted on 2007/10/10 at 7:42pm

    On October 10, me and my mom were on our way home from church on State Road 44 between Eustis and Sorrento, FL a little after 8:30 pm. We were out in the middle of nowhere, but coming up on a brightly lit intersection and a lit up neighborhood-Sorrento Springs. I was in the backseat of our Suburban on the right, staring out the window. Me and my mom saw it at the same time. No lie. It was hovering over the roofs of some of the homes in the middle of the neighborhood. I thought it was a new light pole they had installed-because I drive by there so many times and I’ve seen it in the dark before. It was taller than all of the other light poles so it couldn’t be one. The light on it was just a single big one. It was bright shining and orange and I swear it was somehow flickering. At first we thought it could be a helicopter searching for some hit and run person-because we have had a few lately. The light looked like it was infrared and the object just sat there in the air, shining the light down. And then suddenly it zipped up higher and at a different angle the orange light dimmed and turned bright white. It really creeped us out because we were going pretty fast along the highway and the figure (UFO) stayed parallel to our car for a good minute or two. It didn’t leave our sight for a few minutes. We saw it move higher up and light was still white. It was very hard to spot when we went back into the dark countryside again. The last time we saw it, it veered to the right towards Sanford/Orlando. We know it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. Are those able to hover QUIETLY about 3 feet over rooftops or 8-10 feet off the ground without a sound? I am forever changed and I would appreciate if you would email us and tell us what we should do know. We are freaked out.


  2. Name: Josh

    Submitted on 2007/11/03 at 10:36am

    Going west on hwy 370 at a red light where 72nd crosses the road in papillion, NE south of Omaha I seen an object flash overhead going west. Not a few seconds later I seen another object shapped as an obtuse triangle with three rows of dim lights horizontal across the craft going south. It had no bright flashing lights like a normal aircraft would. Due to the darkness I could not predict the hight or speed. It was about an inch long in my field of view, and at about a 50 to 60 degree angle from the ground. My best estimation would be 140 mph or so depending on the hight.


  3. On regular occasions I have watched the night skies in central Nebraska and have seen white lights that if they stood still would look like stars.   I do not think they are planes because I will see about 15 of them in one hour which also seems like a lot to be satelites also.  They are always moving at a constant speed and usually in a constant direction.


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