Knoxville, Tennessee, USA; Fall, 1975

Name: mike furr

Date of Event: 1975 9:00 pm. early fall

Location of Event: knoxville near sevierville

Message: I can remember my mom stopping on Highland View dr. about 1/2 mile from Chapman Hgy. and she pointed out two white lights that apeared to be 1 to 2 miles away just sitting there for about 30 seconds and then came at us over the car  maybe 100 yards above and passed over in just seconds

and on another occasion there was just 1 object shortly after that me and a friend was walking upthe road on Belvedere Dr. the road led into some trees where it was dark and I recall 2 lights behind us like a car (no sound of any sort) we started to move out of the way so it could pass and we looked back to see it and it was gone no tail lights pulling in the driveways or back down the road  just total silence on all three occasions there was silence 

and with in the last ten years I have awoke with strange visions of green lit rooms with shadow type obgects around and then I will be wide awake sitting propped up on one shoulder in the bed

and my grand mother was in charge of a military library and she has read the full version of Project Blue Book and has told me and my mom that YES THEY HAVE SOMETHING AT AREA 51  so, yes we believe aliens exist

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  1. Name: Greg

    Submitted on 2008/07/06 at 12:00am

    Mike, thanks for sharing your story and creating a website where people can share their experiences with one another. I have a similar story about a UFO sighting in Knoxville in the ’70’s.

    One Summer evening in 1978 (exact date lost to memory), when I was 9 years old, my father, mother and sister and I were driving home from a trip to the store via Middlebrook Pike. It was twilight as we headed west toward the intersection of Weisgarber Road and Middlebrook Pike.

    As we approached the intersection, a large, brilliantly lit craft caught our eyes. It was a slow moving oval shaped craft which appears to be about four to five stories in high and was only a couple of hundred feet in altitude. As it approached from the Northwestern sky, we could see that is had an incredibly bright light shinning upward from the top of the craft like a spot light. There also seemed to be steam coming from the top.

    The light was so bright in fact that it left a bright spot on the ceiling of clouds above.

    As it came closer, we could also see that the craft was covered with literally thousands of small lights of every color which seemed to cycle through the color spectrum. It had many long rods protruding from its side which were also covered in these multicolored, dynamic lights. Some of the rods seemed to be moving while others seemed stationary.

    I asked my father to stop the car so we could get out and watch the craft, but he said no in a nervous voice I was not used to hearing from him. We kept driving. Traffic was heavy, and even slowed a bit because so many commuters were distracted by the object. As we continued our drive home, I did see a few cars pull off the road and into the grass. I even saw one man trying to take a picture of the craft with a camera as he leaned on the roof of his car.

    When we arrived home, my friends ran into my yard and said, “you’ll never guess what we saw.” I told them we had seen it too and they describe the craft exactly. They said it came very low over the neighborhood (Canby Hills Road) crossing Mountain Creek Lane (a Cul-De-Sac) and headed slowly Southeeast.

    They said it made absolutely no sound as it drifted across the night sky.
    For days, my friends and I watched the news hoping to see a report about the incident. However, no report even came.

    Recently, it occurred to me that I could use the two known points of sighting (1- Middlebrook Pike/Weisgarber Rd and 2- Montain Creek Lane Cul-De-Sac) to plot the possible flight path of the object. After doing this I discovered an interesting possibility. If the object flew in a straight line from the Northwest as it appear to be doing, then it would have passed directly over the restricted airspace of Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Surely, such a sighting would not have gone unnoticed over such a facility.

    I know many people who still remember the event and can describe it in equal detail. I would be interested in hearing from others, via this site, who may have witnessed what we saw that evening. I find it very strange that an event witnessed by so many people never made it to the news in any form.

    Mike, you are right. The government knows much more about this than they are willing to tell the American people. Clearly, the burden is on the people to speak the truth about such sightings.

    Thanks again for the site and story.


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