Johnson City, Tennessee, USA; September 22, 2007

Name: Charlie

Date of Event: September 22nd 2007

Location of Event: Johnson City, Tennessee

Message: Hi, I was out at the peak time during the leonid meteor shower, at 3 am on the 22nd, and i saw a bright white light, flying low, landed, I found fragments, but not anything on the internet or in books could identify, it’s neon orange and white, very light, and meteor looking, not metal, though, or heavy. Could it be pieces of mars or an asteroid?

I don’t know and the local science dept. won’t return my email. ETSU is the local college. I need a content analysis, it looks as if this could be unprecedented, possibly a new element form a star even. Who knows? thx, I appreciate any help.

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  1. Name: miami

    Submitted on 2007/09/27 at 7:33am

    on the morning of the 22nd of sept.,2007,i saw 2 white bright comet like balls of light in the sky,moving super fast .they made a hissing noise as they shot by. the trajectory of their flightpath suggested they went down in close proximity to where i stood.i searched for 2 days before finding IT!all i know is, i ve been on all kinds of sights,emailed cnn international,read atronomy encyclopedias,even charts of earthen geology and oceanic rocks,still,NO MATCH!any help would be appreciated.this is not a black nickel iron meteor,or anything is lightweight,the side facing the wind in flight is white and peeled back,bubbly kinda,andthe side which was alee during flight appears NEON,I MEAN NEON pummice no sea rock,no meteor. it was found by me in the spot i saw the thing headed for,im afraid a university,like the one here in johnson city,tn.,may try and take my space rock,lol!there is a planetarium in kingsport,but,i need a pro to take a look at it.thanks ,sorry so long,let me know if any idea.


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