Between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Ohio, USA; 2001

Name: x

Date of Event: 2001 evening hours-it was dark(maybe 10-11pm?)-

Location of Event: We were on rt home to Ohio(left Tulsa,OK). We were on rt.345?-

Message: This sighting that we observed has bothered ever since we seen it. Just got net and am trying to find others who witnessed this football field size “thing” we saw. At first we thought we were going to be going into a storm ahead on the highway-there was lightening in the sky directly ahead about no more than a mile.

We seen something flying with lights, around it-then nothing….. till we looked to our left and across the highway—-there it was!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo long and Large. It had markings on the bottom-almost hieroglyphic-like with illuminating light that seemed to come from nowhere. It was grey in color and the shape we couldn’t tell due to it’s massiveness.

It was very very low-other cars on the highway were slowing down, too. You couldn’t see the top either. I figure someone else may have reported this.  Please, if you could help me find any info on this I would appreciate it greatly. Sincerely, x

P.S. We turned for an instant to look at the road-when we looked back-it was gone-nowhere in sight.  Oh, and the storm ahead? It was gone, too!!!

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