Baldwin, Louisiana, USA; January 1, 2008

Name: Coy

Date of Event: 3:00 am january 1st 2008

Location of Event: Highway 90 between baldwin and sorrell

Message: I was coming home from a visit at my friends house for new year’s eve, fireworks that type of thing, on my way back, I seen something in the night sky, i thought it might have been a meteor or a shooting start, but it was not lit up, and it did not have a tail, for how high up it was it was very large for the moon to light it up, it was a perfect sphere, a light silver in color, it appeared right as the top of my windsheild starts, i watched the object move through the sky in a moderate steady smooth motion, there was no fog for new year’s eve so it was very clear, with no clouds in the sky, for about 5 seconds i watched the object then it slowly faded away, kinda wierded out about seeing something like that, i would like to know if anyone else saw something like that that night, are any other night, thanks.

4 thoughts on “Baldwin, Louisiana, USA; January 1, 2008

  1. English Steve

    Name: English Steve

    Submitted on 2008/01/08 at 8:13am

    Just a comment, in the film ‘Little miss Sunshine’, A scene when the brother just finds out he is color blind and can’t join the air force, he runs from the camper van and sits on the floor, after his mother joins him and sais something (can’t remember what)… Look in the top right of the screen and there is an obvious UFO which moves very fast (about two screen shots towards the camera), a couple of seconds later you notice one of the actors (main guy out the office) look up in the sky as if he just saw something, then a few more seconds after, you notice in the far distance a sparkle as if a reflection off a shiny surface…
    I’ve shown a few people and even my skeptical woman, who I now think is a true believer… “Definitely NOT swamp gas from the planet Venus”
    Let me know your thoughts—Sj


  2. xuser

    Name: xuser

    Submitted on 2008/01/15 at 7:46am

    What this person saw was a satelite. Satelites over FL are very common, and they move in a steady motion in a straight line. They “dim” out as they pass over the earth’s hemisphere, and are only visible whent the sun or moon light reflects off the surface.
    I am in no way discounting the fact that UFO’s do exist, as I have seen them myself. What I saw was this: Me and three of my friends were stopped at a traffic light…we saw a couple people on the other side of the intersection out of their cars pointing into the sky. As I gazed out the window in the direction they were pointing to I saw more than one tiny lights in the sky about the size of a small star, that at first were motionless…but, then I noticed one of them moving and thought it to be a satelite….but then it changed direction and velocity, and the intensity of light grew a bit brighter…then it stopped in it’s tracks… as this object started to move again, I noticed the other small lights which resemble stars began to move in the same area of the sky. Some were moving together in pairs, and others were moving in “dragonfly-like” formations around each other, and they would change direction, change altitude, slow down and speed up velocities, they would hover for 10 seconds at time, and resume motion. It all lasted about 3 minutes, before every object that we were watching left the atmosphere one by one. I say left the atmosphere, because thats exactly what they did….it looks like just like a shooting star, but in reverse. The speed that they acheived leaving the atmosphere from my point of veiw, is not something that any human being would be able to survive. That type of acceleration would crush a human being instantly. Everything I know about physics tells me that these are not earthly objects that I saw. I also know that i’m not crazy, because friends were with me who saw them too, as well as the other people at the traffic light who were the first to see it. They were still out of their cars yelling at us “did you see that ?!”…about 15 people in total stood while the traffic lights turned from green to red and back to green several times…. Nobody could believe it. What’s even harder to believe, is that I checked the news very closely the following week, and nobody had reported a ufo sighting. This event was VERY visible in the sky…anyone looking up would have seen it.


  3. Rick

    Name: Rick

    Submitted on 2008/01/23 at 8:05pm

    I beleive I saw the same exact event as you. I was on my way home to Long Island coming back from GA. It was around 9 or 10 PM and we were just south of DC on interstate 95. My friend was driving and noticed in the distant north what looked sort of like a shooting star and immediately drew my attention to it. It looked as though it was falling at a 45 degree angle in a northernly direction, it had no trail and just before it reached the horizon it seemed to bounce in mid air and then accended at a perfect 45 degree angle and then disapeared into the sky. I would like to get in touch with you if possible, please contact my e-mail


  4. Jacob

    Name: Jacob

    Submitted on 2008/02/03 at 12:15am

    A few years ago, the night before Hurricane Dennis, about three miles north of highway 20, 20 miles north of Panama City, my wife and I had an awesome sighting.
    We live out in the woods. In the distance you could hear bottle rockets going off. One of my dogs gets freaked out by the popping and she jumped out of her pen. Watching TV, I noticed her at the back door, so I went out to put her back in. Took her down to the pens. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a red light going up, didn’t think anything of it. Put her in the pen, and was walking back up to the house when I noticed the light go back down. Even then I did not really pay it much attention until I realized it wasn’t a light, it was more hazy, just lit up. Also there was no more whistling or popping going on. In fact it was dead quiet. So I turned back around and starred down the hill. Amazingly this thing shot back up into the sky, way up too, real fast, and then went back down to were it was in the woods. I ran to the house and screamed at my wife. We both watched it for about ten minutes. It would go way up and move around, back and forth, before going back down to the same spot in the woods. This happened at least 5 times. All this time, it was a red mist, that appeared to be lit up. At the end of the sighting, the formation tightened up, and changed to a champaign color. Its hard to say, but as it left it seemed to get closer. For just a second it looked like the light was around a bright orange “disc”, with maroon or blood colored “windows”, or “portholes”, and then it was gone.


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