Arundel, Maine, USA; December 14, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 12/14/07 aproximately 1155pm

Location of Event: Arundel, travelling Southwest

Message: I was driving home on the highway, travelling south. I saw a plane like object (distinctly triangular and thin) come into view from the left side of my windshield and move forward and to the right. The object moved very fast, like a shooting star, and disappeared behind the tree line in the distance. The object was not incredibly large in my view, yet  was far too large and too low to be any type of shooting star, not to mention the irregular shape.

The whole shape was one solid white light. I do not believe in ET/ufo type stuff but I was definitely alarmed and overcome with such anxiety that it was difficult to keep driving. I can only guess this was a military craft. It would fit the bill for a small type stealth bomber, but I do not know why it would be in Maine, travelling so incredibly fast, or why it would be so brightly lit.

One thought on “Arundel, Maine, USA; December 14, 2007

  1. Anonymous

    Name: Michael Gregoire

    Submitted on 2007/12/15 at 7:20pm

    My wife and I saw it too when driving back from New Hampshire on I-95. We were both shocked that we could see what looked to be shooting star so low and brightly while driving with headlights all around us. However, it moved too fast for us to notice a shape while in the car.


    Name: Jeff

    Submitted on 2008/03/03 at 11:54pm

    To the original poster: We the people of the United States should question just where all of our taxed monies are going? I also don’t think we should close our minds to that which we don’t know because we don’t have concrete evidence of ET?

    I wonder if we will get some type of disclosure? The knowledge will probably be very unsettling.


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