Alexandria, Louisiana, USA; July 4, 2007

Name: christina

Date of Event: July 4, 2007 around 9:00

Location of Event: Alexandria, Louisiana

Message: On July 4, 2007 in Alexandria, Louisiana, My daughter and I were looking for a place to see fireworks and she got hungry.
She asked to stop at a McDonald’s on MacArthur Dr. in Alexandria, LA.

We went in and came back out. I paused when I saw what looked like a huge ball of fire coming towards us at a great distance in the sky. The ball kept coming closer and closer towards us. I called my mother to see if there had been a shuttle scheduled or a meteor that anyone had seen. She said no….the huge ball of fire that my daughter and I saw came so far towards us that I thought it was a comet.

Then, the fire-ball turned and went towards the west of us and within 10 minutes was gone. I could not believe my eyes. I knew that if it was a comet or meteor it would not make a turn like it did. I wish I had a camera so I could show the rest of the world. It was so unreal and my daughter thought that the sun was shooting at us in the sky.

2 thoughts on “Alexandria, Louisiana, USA; July 4, 2007

  1. daniel hendrix

    Name: daniel hendrix

    Submitted on 2008/02/14 at 1:56am

    ok man i was around that area at the same time me and a freind were driving to texarkana from sreveport as we drove threw bradly i blieve im sure we were way past but i dont remember but anyways we saw a veary big neon blue ball fall from the sky july 4 07. tell me was it blue cuz i need to know im almost sure we saw the same thing and if it was tell me what youv learned about it only thing iv seen of the kind is called a fireball but havnt seen one of the same color and i did not know it changed direction i wasnt as close to it as you but i did see it fall threw the clouds with a long tail please respond


  2. Terence

    Name: Terence

    Submitted on 2008/04/23 at 6:53pm

    Hey Christina. I posted this twice because I wanted to ask you if you might be able to respond at my email or myspace page My display name is ~Black Ice~ Thanks. I’ve always been scared to do this because people will think you’re crazy but you gave me a breath of fresh air. I’ll write it as you did. Date: March 22, 2008 around 6:45 to 7:30 pm. Location Of The Event: Lafayette, La. Message: After years of on and off pop ups in my head of extraterrestials and UFOs aided by a story I heard when I was young I came from work with an unexplainable urge to look at the cover of my copy of the special edition of Independence Day. My thought after something saying “don’t play with that” was “but I wanna see one”. So I went outside noticing a strange…something ABOUT outside. My document: I think for I may have for the first time seen a UFO. I was outside looking in the sky after feeling strange. I carefully watched the bees and the birds around the apartment as I thought thought I was possibly hallucinating. Then as I was thinking “I wonder what the sky is looking and feeling so strange for” I instantly zoned into a moving like… black dot almost as soon as it came into sight…like it wanted me to notice it at that exact time. And even in my unsurety I knew what it was because that’s what I had been thinking about. I could feel what it was. It geva me the exact definite by it’s zig zagging like you see on domentaries or sighting reports. It was like it knew I was there and I was just saying “but I wanna see one” and then something else seem to have flown out from behind it. So I thought it must be a bird but I couldn’t take my mind or eye off the first dot. The second one came out of the left and moved out and what made me know it wasn’t a bird or birds was it merged back with the first dot like it was never there and never showed back up. Then while [I’m] in question it started to make its disappearance. It started flying behind a the trees and I could see it faintly enough to know it was still there but it was gonna leave. I kept watching the sky and I think I saw it again. Mysterious…


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