Alexandria, Louisiana, USA; July 4, 2007

Name: christina

Date of Event: July 4, 2007 around 9:00

Location of Event: Alexandria, Louisiana

Message: On July 4, 2007 in Alexandria, Louisiana, My daughter and I were looking for a place to see fireworks and she got hungry.
She asked to stop at a McDonald’s on MacArthur Dr. in Alexandria, LA.

We went in and came back out. I paused when I saw what looked like a huge ball of fire coming towards us at a great distance in the sky. The ball kept coming closer and closer towards us. I called my mother to see if there had been a shuttle scheduled or a meteor that anyone had seen. She said no….the huge ball of fire that my daughter and I saw came so far towards us that I thought it was a comet.

Then, the fire-ball turned and went towards the west of us and within 10 minutes was gone. I could not believe my eyes. I knew that if it was a comet or meteor it would not make a turn like it did. I wish I had a camera so I could show the rest of the world. It was so unreal and my daughter thought that the sun was shooting at us in the sky.