Meriden, Connecticut, USA; August 6, 2007

Name: samantha

Date: August 06, 2007 — Just after sunset, around 8:45 or 9:00 p.m. maybe

Location: Meriden, CT

Message: My boyfriend and I were driving home when he stopped the car and backed up. He said he thought he saw something weird in the sky. When we backed up we both saw this floating flame-like object traveling at a moderate speed (not very quickly, but not just creeping along either). It was over our heads for a couple minutes maybe, and I got a very good look at it.

We really couldn’t imagine what it could have been. It just looked like a very large flame – not like a fireball, but more elongated — but I couldn’t see anything attached to it. We watched it go off into the distance and then seemingly disappear. We then drove in the direction it went, to a small airport.

The sky was clear there, and once we arrived we thought we saw it again in the distance (where we had first seen it!)it disappeared though, and we couldn’t be sure. My boyfriend is a pilot, and he seemed convinced that the thing we saw in the distance wasn’t a plane. So we just sat there for awhile, more than 5 minutes are so just looking around, and then my boyfriend drew my attention to the sky directly above our car.

I saw a bright flash of white light, which seemed very high – much much higher than any of the planes that were in the sky – which then dimmed to just a pinpoint of light. We watched the light move through the sky and disappear. My boyfriend said he was watching this dim light move through the sky – a satellite maybe – when it suddenly became very bright – that’s when i looked up and saw it.

He said it was almost like it had shined a light on us. It was definitely a bizarre series of events. It’s very strange to read that others have also seen a “fiery” mass moving in the sky! We thought it may have been a meteor or something like that, but it honestly didn’t look like it could have been to me. It was very low in the sky, the flame, and moved relatively slowly and would disappear and reappear it seemed.

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  1. Name: Coral

    Submitted on 2007/11/25 at 6:12pm

    My Boyfriend and saw the same flame like object in the sky. At first we both thought it may be a meteor as well but the flight path was to straight and it was maintaining a level altitude. We were driving and it it stayed even with us for a couple miles and we parked in a parking lot and got out we watched it move for a little while longer and then it disappeared. It made no noise. This is the first other sighting I heard of it. I looked up local news shortly after the incident and found nothing about it.


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